LIFE-STAT Features & Benefits

The Model 1008 Life-Stat is an innovative device and the result of more than 48 years of incremental development. What originally began as the Model 1001 Life-Aid (Thumper) has evolved through the years to become the modern Life-Stat. Years of development have afforded the unit many valuable benefits:

Perfect, hands-free CPR
Let us do the work for you! When set up properly, the Life-Stat delivers CPR to the patient in accordance with the 2010 AHA guidelines. Compressions are uninterrupted. 


Lightweight and Easy to Operate
The Life-Stat (including the base and backboard) weighs 19.5 lbs. (8.8 kg) and is stored in a case that fits easily into standard ambulance storage compartments. Setting the unit up takes seconds and requires no interruption to CPR. 

Invaluable to Rescue Teams
When we say hands-free CPR, we mean it! The chest compressor and ventilator built into the Life-Stat take care of two of the jobs of any cardiac arrest response crew, allowing responders to focus on safety and other tasks. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Full limited warranty
  • 100% Oxygen driven
  • No expensive disposables
    • An electronic control module that facilitates the following:
      • Switch instantaneously from 30:2 to CCV mode
      • Pause/Resume feature
      • Uses long-life 9 volt battery supply
      • Batteries can be “hot swapped" while unit is running

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