Resuscitation Technology

Oxygen Management

Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder Backpack*

Our Carbon Fiber Oxygen Cylinder Backpack provides a lightweight alternative to many oxygen carriers.  The backpack is:

  • Budget friendly
  • Multi-purpose
  • Constructed of durable canvas


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*Oxygen cylinder and regulator not included.

Mobile Oxygen Carrier

The Mobile Oxygen Carrier allows for easier mobile transport of compressed gasses.  It is ideally suited for on-scene setup
of Thumper® and Life-Stat® devices.  The MOC:

  • Is durable and lightweight.
  • Constructed of durable canvas
  • Features two high quality regulators with 70 psi outlets
  • Features easy-to-read gauges
  • Is home to compact dual carriers for either "D" or "E" size cylinders*
  • Features quick connect ports for Thumper® and Life-Stat® (or other rescue apparatus) setup
  • Features a fully adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Features a DISS port

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*Cylinders sold separately





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