Dual Adult

The dual adult test lung features our largest tidal volume capacity (4L) and comes equipped with accessories capable of simulating both upper and lower airway resistance.
Full Description

Dual Adult Training and Test Lungs, available instrumented with PneuView3 software or as an analog device, offer fully-to-scale respiratory simulation for hundreds of adult patients. When paired with our Breath Simulation Module a Dual Adult TTL can become a spontaneously breathing system. Explore the table below to learn how this device will revolutionize your programs or request a formal quote. A computer is included with every PneuView3 system. 

International pricing may vary.

ParameterMeasurement RangeAccuracy
Breath Rate 2 to 1,100bpm +/- 1 bpm
Inspiratory/Expiratory Time 0.3 to 30 sec +/- 0.03 sec
Tidal Volume .100 to 2 L +/- 3% or 20 mL
Flow Rate 10 to 200 Lpm (10 to 60 Lpm) +/- 3 Lpm
(60 to 200 Lpm) +/- 5 Lpm
Pressure: (Lung/Airway) -20 to 120 cmH2O (60 to 200 Lpm) +/- 5 Lpm BSM - Breath Simulation Module

Pressure: (Auxiliary Port - Model 5600i only)

0 to 100 psi +/- 5% of user-calibrated FSO
Compliance 0.01 to 0.10 L/cmH2O

Rp5, Rp20, Rp50, Rp200 & Rp500 cmH2O/L/sec

Features & Benefits

  • Is capable of spontaneous breath simulation. When coupled with our Breath Simulation Module, the dual adult lung becomes a spontaneously breathing unit, capable of simulating patient demand and other related scenarios.

  • Allows for side-by-side comparison of pulmonary pathologies. The dual action of the model 1600 and 5600i test lungs allows the user to simulate two different pulmonary environments at the same time, making comparison (visual and otherwise) easy.

Dual Adult Training & Test Lung Manuals

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