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Thumper- Model 1007CCV

Thumper Model 1007CCV

The Thumper 1007CCV is a mechanical CPR device designed to deliver perfect chest compressions and regular ventilations to a patient in a state of acute cardiac arrest. The unit is designed to assist medical professionals by delivering 100 chest compressions per minute accompanying ventilations in a 5:1 ratio. The unit also features a continuous compressions (CC) mode that delivers 100 compressions per minute with no ventilations. The Thumper 1007CCV is the result of more than 40 years of Thumper use and clinical testing and is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. 

The Thumper 1007 CCV is:

Perfect, Hands-Free CPR

  • Option 1:  100 compressions per minute with ventilations delivered in a 5:1 ratio.
  • Option 2:  100 compressions per minute with no interruptions or ventilations. 
  • User-set compression depth (0-3.2”).
  • Set up takes seconds, and the unit can cycle for hours without interruption. 

Lightweight and Easy to Operate

  • The 1007CCV weighs about 19 lbs., allowing for practical application in pre-hospital transport as well as in the emergency room.
  • A comprehensive control pad on the back of the unit makes operation simple, even for a first-time user. 
  • Switching from manual CPR to Thumper mechanical CPR takes less than 5 seconds in the field. 

Invaluable to Rescue Teams

  • Thumper CPR remains consistent during off level transport (even down stairways).
  • Once the unit is employed, no further compressions will be lost or altered due to responder fatigue. 
  • Teams can focus on other treatment and safety procedures and remain confident that the patient is receiving perfect CPR.

NOTICE:  The 1007CCV is ONLY available in a limited market through exclusive distribution.
Please contact us for availability.

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