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Single Lung
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Dual Adult

 Breath Simulation


The Michigan Instruments’ Training and Test Lung (also known as the “Michigan Lung”) embodies a mechanical “respiratory simulation” of the human pulmonary system capable of measuring airway pressure, lung pressure and tidal volume.

However, we recognize that there are many respiratory parameters that a test lung alone cannot represent – for example, instantaneous and peak flow calculations. With the introduction of our PneuView software, numerous respiratory parameters and waveforms can be displayed in real time; this data can also be saved and retrieved for replay and review. The Training and Test Lung can simulate virtually any pathology in the human respiratory tract by means of its variable lung compliance and resistances.

Training and Test Lungs are significantly enhanced by our PneuView system. Comprised of an electronic module (including pressure transducers, signal conditioning and analog-to-digital converter circuitry) and serial communications port, this system allows the unit to interface with a host computer. Through the use of PneuView, each unit can calculate up to 24 different pulmonary parameters simultaneously, each of which can be graphed, tabulated and/or digitally recorded for later use.

Other Benefits of the Training and Test Lung:

  • Unmatched quality and reliability
  • Nearly 40 years of development and innovation
  • 100% American made
  • Fits perfectly into:
    • Respiratory therapy classrooms
    • Hospital Biomed departments
    • Design engineering labs
    • Quality control departments
    • Product evaluation labs
    • Pulmonary research facilities


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What is a Training and Test Lung?


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