Dual Adult Test Lung

The Dual Adult TTL and PneuView Systems provide a more fully-to-scale simulation of adult pulmonary mechanics. Each lung can be independently adjusted for compliance and airway resistance, simulating symmetrical or asymmetrical lung disease. The total lung capacity replicates a “normal” adult patient. When paired with our Breath Simulation Module (BSM) the Dual Adult Test Lung can be used to create a spontaneously breathing lung model, and addition of the Adult Head Simulation Module (HSM-A) further expands the applications for this system.

As with all of our test lungs, the Dual Adult model is available with or without PneuView electronics and software.

Additional information, including product features and specifications can be found below.

Note: All PneuView Systems are provided with a compatible laptop computer.

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    Breath Rate* 2 to 1,100 bpm +/- 1 bpm
    Inspiratory/Expiratory Time* 0.3 to 30 sec +/- 0.03 sec
    Tidal Volume .100 to 4 L +/- 3% or 20 mL
    Flow Rate* 10 to 200 Lpm (10 to 60 Lpm) +/- 3 Lpm
    (60 to 200 Lpm) +/- 5 Lpm
    Pressure: (Lung/Airway) -20 to 120 cmH2O*                           -10 to 120 cmH2O +/- 2%
    Pressure: (Auxilliary Port)* 0 to 100 psi +/- 5% of user-calibrated Full Scale Output (FSO)
    Compliance 0.01 to 0.10 L/cmH2O +/- 3% (at calibration volumes)
    Resistance Rp5, Rp20, Rp50  cmH2O/L/sec  +/- 5% (at calibration flows)
    *-DA3 (PneuView) Model Only
  • Features & Benefits of Michigan Lung

    • The Dual Adult Michigan Lung is capable of spontaneous breath simulation when coupled with our Breath Simulation Module. It becomes a spontaneously breathing unit, capable of simulating patient demand and other related scenarios.
    • Allows for side-by-side comparison of pulmonary pathologies. This dual lung capability allows the user to simulate two different pulmonary environments at the same time, making comparison (visual and otherwise) easy.
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