New Mechanical CPR Devices at ACEP 2014 Conference on Display

November 21, 2014

Michigan Instruments recently attended the ACEP conference in Chicago! Our team met many emergency room physicians and directors, introducing them to our new mechanical CPR devices, such as the Thumper and Life-Stat machines. These CPR machines are designed to provide constant, hands-free external chest compression, giving the patient the best chance of survival.

When it comes to emergency medicine, every moment is critical and having the most effective and responsive equipment available is paramount. What makes Thumper and Life-Stat different from other chest compression machines?

conway0425nefp_no_backgroundThumper and Life-Stat offer emergency physicians the following advantages:

50% deeper chest compressions and controllable compression depths
•Accommodate patients up to 500lbs compared to other mechanical CPR devices
•Ability to plug into wall oxygen
•Easier patient transfer — can be used at 45-degree angle when transporting patients down staircases
Lower cost —1/3 the price of most mechanical CPR models, with Thumper starting at $4995

Michigan Instruments has over 50 years of engineering excellence with CPR machines and respiratory products saving lives. Our goal is to provide the most reliable, effective rescue products that allow you to deliver the best care possible.

Learn more about Thumper and Life-Stat mechanical CPR devices and how they stack up against other devices today. Please feel free to contact Vic Frigo at 800-530-9939 or contact us today.

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