Thumper CPR and Mobile Medical Response

March 03, 2015

Michigan Instruments is proud to announce that MMR (Mobile Medical Response), an EMS provider in Saginaw, MI, recently began using our Thumper® Model 1007 CC mechanical CPR device. Our Thumper CPR devices offer full compression capabilities and have been used effectively on patients exceeding 400 pounds. Compressions delivered by the Thumper are fully AHA 2015 compliant and deliver the same high-impulse effectiveness as our ventilator-equipped Life-Stat.

Michigan Instruments Thumper CPR, A Mechanical CPR Device Model 1007CC

Thumper CPR Machine Details

A mechanical CPR machine, the Thumper CPR is capable of delivering continuous chest compressions to a patient in a state of acute cardiac arrest. The automatic compressions delivered by the Thumper are uninterrupted and exact.

Compression depth is easily adjustable from 0-3.2” allowing treatment to be tuned to accommodate a wide range of patients. The Thumper CPR machine is also approved for off-level use, allowing perfect hands-free, automatic CPR to be delivered even if the patient is being transported down a flight of stairs

Once the unit is employed, no further compressions will be lost or altered due to responder fatigue. Teams can focus on other treatment and safety procedures and remain confident that the patient is receiving perfect chest compressions.

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