Michigan Instruments adult test lung simulators

Pulmonary Test Lung Simulation

Michigan Instruments Test Lungs can be of great assistance in the classroom. The adjustable lung compliance and airway resistance allows the instructor or student to demonstrate or investigate a wide variety of ventilation phenomena.

The relationships between pressure, volume, and flow are more easily understood when displayed using the TTL and PneuView 3 Software. There are few things more valuable in an academic environment than both hands on and visual experience.

The TTL offers a look into the inner workings of the human pulmonary system that students would not otherwise have, and does it in a safe, non-clinical situation.

Test Lung Simulation, Classroom Setting:

Worsening Pneumonia in the Right Lung


  1. Set up the Dual Adult TTL or PneuView for ventilation of both lungs.
  2. Set each lung compliance to 0.05 L/cm H2O.
  3. Set upper airway resistance to Rp5.
  4. Set lower airway resistance to Rp20
  5. Using a ventilator or resuscitation bag, ventilate the TTL at a rate of 12 bpm and tidal volume of approximately 0.800 L.
  6. Note the tidal volume delivered to each lung.
  7. Change the compliance of the right lung to 0.03, then 0.02, and finally 0.01, and note the differing lung volumes with each change.

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