Announcing PneuView 3.1 Lung Simulation Software Upgrades

October 17, 2016

Added Features & Functionality in Our Lung Simulation Software

The upgrade is now available and FREE to existing PneuView3 customers.

Many users of the PV3 software have shared feedback for suggested improvements to the user interface and experience. We realize that the use and capabilities of our products serve an exceptional user base of medical professionals. The applications and use of our lung simulation and software products continue to expand.

Note: This is only compatible with the PV3 electronics module.    Click here to request the upgrade.

You can find the latest enhancements in our PV3.1 Software:

Lung Simulation Software PneuView3.1

User Interface Enhancements

  • Start the PV3 Software without being connected to the Lung Simulator.
    • This is useful for reviewing recordings that were previously saved.
  • Return to the Setup Screen without exiting the application.
  • Enter reference resistance values on the main screen. These are stored with file.
  • Expand PV3 software display to occupy full screen.


New Performance Modes

Recording Mode
This mode lets you record a run of live ventilation data. You determine the length of this recording, and a comment field is available to add notes describing the recorded data. This is particularly useful for replaying and analyzing data at a later time, even when not connected to the Lung Simulator.

SnapShot Mode
The Snapshot Mode is used to “grab” a set of numeric data when it appears on the screen. You may take as many of these Snapshots as you like. They are saved in a .csv or .xls table format and can be viewed with an appropriate spreadsheet application. This mode can be used to check and record the performance of a ventilation device over a range of settings.

To learn more about these enhancements and they can benefit the user experience, please contact us today.