what makes the TTL training test lung and PneuView3 systems perfect training tools blog

Our Training Test Lung and PneuView®3 Systems offer more training capabilities than ever before.

Recent product updates and software enhancements have further improved our Training Test Lung devices and Lung Simulation software including:

  • Realistically simulating healthy or diseased lung conditions
  • Allowing for adjustable settings for lung compliance and airway resistance
  • Can be used for multiple applications for teaching, research, and testing
  • A dedicated Software (PneuView) used to view, capture, record, and replay ventilation data (Watch a video showcasing this system’s capabilities.)
  • A durable, low-maintenance design, able to withstand student use and abuse

Train & Practice with Mechanical Ventilators

Our Training Test Lungs are mechanical devices that simulate the dynamic anatomic forces at play during ventilation. These sophisticated devices provide students with the ability to train and practice with mechanical ventilators and other respiratory care equipment before and during their clinical experience. The realistic simulations and real-time feedback help students learn how to properly manage a variety of respiratory conditions, better preparing them for real lifesaving scenarios.

Unlike more basic test lungs, Training Test Lungs and PneuView systems offer residual lung volumes and a dynamic response to therapy that more realistically represents the human pulmonary system. Our systems are available in Adult and Infant models as well.

Learn more about our Training & Test Lung Devices here, or contact us for more information.