Although not a medical device, the Michigan Instruments Training Test Lungs and PneuView3 training systems are designed to raise the bar on the quality and reliability of lung simulators as well as respiratory and ventilation care of patients.

Michigan Instruments Training Test Lungs provide a dynamic simulation and response to mechanical ventilation and other therapies, making them ideal tools for teaching, testing, training, and research. Our products quickly simulate realistic patient conditions, yet are compact, accurate, and easy to use

Using our products in the training of medical professionals and clinicians ensures:

  • The fidelity of training scenarios in simulated clinical settings related to lung compliance and resistance.
  • That medical professionals are prepared to assist with a wide variety of pulmonary conditions, covering the range from small infant to large adult complications.
  • The quality and safety of respiratory therapy products throughout their lifecycle by means of enhanced preventive maintenance and maintenance support.
  • That ventilation techniques such as Assist/Control, IMV/SIMV and Pressure Support are practiced and mastered through the simulated spontaneous breathing patterns of a patient.
  • That patients receive the highest level of ventilation support care by professionals who have trained under the most realistic settings possible.

Our single and dual training test lung models also allow educators and medical researchers to test new ideas and mechanisms of ventilation as ventilation and ventilator technologies are developed and introduced. Our training and test lung systems are designed to simulate the characteristics of patients of a wide range of ages, shapes, sizes and lung/chest conditions. Medical professionals count on the accurate measurement of delivered lung volumes, lung pressures, and airway pressures using analog gauges and printed scales on these devices.

Look to Michigan Instruments for versatile, proven solutions to breathing simulation.

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