Michigan Instrument test lung simulator in classroom

Did you know that one or more of our test lung simulation products are used in the majority of Respiratory Therapy programs throughout the United States and even in many countries around the world? It’s true! Test lung simulators designed and manufactured by Michigan Instruments are utilized in many Colleges, Universities and Training Schools because of their accurate and reliable human pulmonary system simulation capabilities.

As we continue to improve our line of test lung simulators, the investments made by Respiratory Therapy programs have never been so good – and here 10 reasons why.

Test lung simulators work well within Respiratory Therapy programs because:

  1. Facilitators can simulate a wide variety of healthy and diseased lung conditions by altering the lung compliance and airway resistance in a one- or two-lung simulation.
  2. Students work with a realistic total lung volume and residual volume (especially when using the Dual Adult Lung Training & Test Lung).
  3. There is great versatility in the models in regard to introducing gases, tapping into the lungs or airways, and connecting axillary devices like CO2 monitors.
  4. With the Dual Adult Training & Test lung, facilitators can simulate unilateral lung disease and the resulting ventilation dynamics.
  5. You can simulate a spontaneous breathing patient and evaluate the response of devices in various support modes.
  6. The available Head Simulation Modules facilitate education and studies with various oxygen delivery systems and non-invasive ventilation devices/techniques.

With the addition of PneuView Software

  1. You can get data and waveform displays of pressure, volume, and flow, even when using simple ventilation devices like BVM’s, emergency ventilators, and CPAP systems.
  2. Facilitators can store recordings of ventilation runs for later demonstration and evaluations.
  3. Students and others can conduct research and easily save their data.

Test lung simulator key takeaway:

More important than anything in the classroom setting, these test lung simulators are easy-to-use and durable. Many institutions have been using our products for years continuously and without issue. The PneuView software was also made with simplicity in mind, and our software product continues to evolve alongside the needs of our customers. To learn more, read the Top 5 Reasons to Train with a Lung Simulator. If you’re interested in learning more about our test lung simulation devices, the PneuView Software, or any of our additional products, contact us anytime for more information.