Adult Lung Simulators: Single Vs Dual Adult

January 30, 2019

Lung Simulators from Michigan Instruments are able to realistically simulate healthy and diseased lungs. We offer these simulators in both adult and infant/pediatric configurations. For the purposes of this post, we will discuss the adult lung simulators.  We may also refer to our simulators as “test lungs” although they are certainly much more sophisticated than many simple test lung devices.

Adult Lung Simulators Single Vs Dual Adult

Providing accurate simulations of a “typical” adult patients, these devices aid in the training of medical professionals, testing of products for quality assurance, and in the research and development of new medical innovations.

But, did you know we carry two different adult simulation devices?

Single Adult Test Lung Simulator

The Single Adult TTL Lung Simulators (and PneuView systems) provide a wide range of simulations in a smaller, single-lung package. With a full range of lung compliance and airway resistance settings, the smaller size and weight of the device simplifies transport and requires less bench or table space.

Best Applications for the Single Adult Test Lung Simulator

Single lung simulators are ideal for those focused on lung mechanics and the devices and therapies used to treat adults.

They work very well to evaluate the performance of respiratory therapy devices in a safe and sustainable way with advanced data collection metrics and analysis capabilities. Our single lung simulators also have numerous testing, training, and demonstration applications that have been useful in testing and quality assurance situations.

For example, biomedical engineers use test lungs for preventative maintenance testing, production and quality control engineers use test lungs to calibrate and assure machine performance, and service personnel use our devices to troubleshoot respiratory care devices.

Our simulators come with access ports to the airways and lungs for additional monitoring or introduction of physiologic/therapeutic gases. You can also add an Adult Head Simulation Module for non-invasive ventilation and support applications.

Dual Adult Test Lung Simulator             

The Dual Adult TTL Lung Simulators (and PneuView Systems) provide a more fully-to-scale simulation of adult lung mechanics. Each lung can be independently adjusted for compliance and airway resistance, simulating symmetrical or asymmetrical lung disease. The total lung capacity replicates a typical adult patient as closely as possible.

When paired with our Breath Simulation Module (BSM) the Dual Adult Test Lung can be used to create a spontaneously breathing lung model, and the addition of the Adult Head Simulation Module (HSM-A) further expands the applications for this system.

Best Applications for Dual Adult Lung Simulator

While this device can also be used for testing and to evaluate respiratory devices, it really stands out when used in the classroom. The dual adult model helps educators develop valuable clinical skills in their students with hands-on, visual experiences. By realistically simulating patient lung conditions and mechanics, including spontaneous breathing simulations, you can train students on ventilator management along with other respiratory care technologies and procedures in a safe and controlled educational setting.  

Both the Single and Dual models are available with or without the PneuView electronics and software and both can aid in the design, engineering and manufacturing of respiratory devices, making them easier to use and more effective.

The flexibility inherent in both lung simulation devices allows users to replicate hundreds of healthy and diseased lung conditions while providing accurate measurements and data that inform testing, research, and training.

No matter which one you choose, our Lung Simulators are versatile, reliable and durable.

Learn why thousands of medical professionals, researchers, educators, and quality assurance engineers worldwide have chosen to partner with Michigan Instruments, their trusted resource for lung simulation devices.

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