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The Applications of Automated CPR Devices

When treating a cardiac arrest, it’s important to secure high-quality chest compressions throughout the entire event—no matter when or where. For years, the use of automated CPR devices has given medical professionals a way to provide high quality, continuous care to patients in a variety of settings.  While they are most often thought of in pre-hospital care, their usefulness has been established in a wide variety of settings.

What are Automated CPR Devices?

Automated CPR devices perform effective, customized, and hands-free CPR to a patient so that healthcare providers can concentrate on identifying the cause of the arrest and focus on other life-saving procedures. The use of these devices come with several benefits to providers including:

  • Offering better access to the patient
  • No need to work around someone performing manual CPR
  • Reducing risk to the patient and preventing injury or fatigue of the caregiver.

Hospital Application of Hands Free CPR

While many hospitals consider automated CPR devices to belong only in the emergency department, these devices have a variety of applications that can be useful throughout the entire hospital. These devices should be available to any healthcare provider who may respond to any code involving cardiac arrest.

  • In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
  • Emergency Departments
  • Coronary & Intensive Care Units
  • Organ Transplant Facilities

Pre-Hospital Applications for Automated CPR Devices

Manual CPR is a challenge when trying to maintain consistent, high-quality compressions.  This challenge only increases when working on a patient that is being moved or transported. Automated CPR devices can be securely applied to a patient throughout an entire transport, which avoids any interruptions during the event and gives access to caregivers to assess the patient and deliver life-saving therapy. There are a variety of pre-hospital applications for automatic CPR devices:

  • EMT/Paramedic Units
  • First Responders
  • Ambulance Transport
  • Air Medevac Units

Michigan Instruments Life Stat & Thumper Automated CPR Devices

At Michigan Instruments, our Life Stat and Thumper Automatic CPR Machines provide consistent external chest compressions that give your patients their best chance at survival. Some of the benefits of our automated CPR devices include:

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Set-up quickly and allow for the transition from manual to automatic CPR with minimal interruption to compressions
  • Accommodate larger patients than other devices
  • Provide greater access to the patient
  • Have minimal consumable costs

Our Life-Stat CPR Device is the only device with a ventilator built into the unit, providing your medical team with a totally hands-free solution.

Learn why thousands of medical professionals worldwide have chosen to partner with Michigan Instruments as their trusted source for automatic CPR machines. Request a quote today!