celebrate national nurses week

celebrate national nurses week

National Nurses Week begins every year on May 6th and ends on May 12th. Since 1998, this week honors the important contributions that nurses make every day, and reminds us to thank them for the hard work they do to keep patients healthy, happy, and alive.

To celebrate National Nurses Week, we encourage you to take some time to show your nurses just how much you appreciate them. Below, we highlight 5 easy ways to support them during this week and beyond. 

How to Celebrate National Nurses Week

1. Give Them a Thoughtful Gift

Gifts are always a great way to extend appreciation. There are lots of gift ideas that your nurses would love. 

You could give a practical gift like a new pair of scrubs or comfortable shoes for work, or make it more personal and find out what your nurses are interested in and give them that—maybe it’s a gift card to their favorite restaurant or even a bouquet of their favorite flowers. 

Whatever you choose, they’ll appreciate the kind and thoughtful gesture.

2. Praise New Nurses

Being a nurse is stressful enough as it is. However, being brand new at the job is even more of a challenge. If you have nurses in your facility that are just starting off, be sure to tell them that they’re doing well, and praise them for tasks they excel in.

3. Praise Long-Term Nurses

Sometimes when a nurse has been doing their job for a long period of time, they begin to burn out.  Long term nurses may not receive the praise they deserve, as they have been doing the job a while and it’s often expected for them to excel.  

To some, offering praise may seem like a small gesture. However, to a long-time nurse, it’s a big deal. Whether building confidence or offering continued appreciation, recognizing and praising their work encourages them to get better and better every day.

4. Lend an Ear

For a lot of nurses, knowing that someone cares about their needs and is willing to listen can be very comforting. Letting them know you’re there to talk will help them feel a little less stressed and a lot more valued. 

Take the time to emphasize that you’re available to talk, or just listen, in times of stress. However, if able, it does mean more to do something to make a difference and work toward solving their problems. 

5. Invest in Helpful Technology

Being a nurse involves a lot of physically demanding tasks for several hours at a time. These tasks can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Consider investing in equipment that can lessen physical strain and help them maintain their energy longer.

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