What Makes the TTL® Training Test Lung and PneuView®3 Systems Perfect Training Tools?

Realistic training test lung simulators & real-time feedback help students learn to properly manage a variety of respiratory conditions. Learn more here.
Our Training Test Lung and PneuView®3 Systems offer more training capabilities than ever before. Recent product updates and software enhancements have further improved our Training Test Lung devices and Lung Simulation software including: Realistically simulating healthy or...

Training & Test Lung Uses for Respiratory Care Product Manufacturers

Trusted Training Test Lungs by Michigan Instruments
Put Your Trust in Michigan Instruments’ Training Test Lungs For decades, Michigan Instruments Training & Test Lungs and PneuView® Software Systems have provided realistic respiratory simulations, providing many test lung uses for equipment manufacturers. Training & Test...

Evaluation of Ventilators Used During Transport of Critically Ill Patients: A Bench Study

The study referenced here and available for download (PDF) here used the Michigan Instruments Dual Adult TTL to test several emergency and transport ventilators over their range of operation. The TTL was able to simulate various respiratory conditions with decreased or increased...

Top 5 Reasons to Use Mechanical CPR Devices

There is no question that CPR can be beneficial to your patient to continue compressions and blood flow through the body. Here we take a look at 5 uses for mechanical CPR devices specifically and how they can increase a patient’s chance of survival. Better Cerebral...

Mechanical CPR Device, Life-Stat, Meets New AHA CPR Guidelines

These Mechanical CPR Devices Offer 120 Compressions per Minute, Ideal for Hospital Settings In October of 2015, the American Heart Association announced new guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR.) They stated that quick action and more teamwork is key to saving more...

Announcing PneuView 3.1 Lung Simulation Software Upgrades

Added Features & Functionality in Our Lung Simulation Software The upgrade is now available and FREE to existing PneuView3 customers. Many users of the PV3 software have shared feedback for suggested improvements to the user interface and experience. We realize that the use...