A Hands-Free Mechanical CPR Solution for Hospital Settings

CPR training is fundamental within the healthcare setting and normally a 2-person at a time process with others ready to take their turns. One person begins the chest compression technique, while the other begins administering oxygen ventilation. While this serves as an effective...

Conditions Where Mechanical CPR is Particularly Beneficial to Patient Survival

Mechanical CPR Device on Patient - Michigan Instruments
The debate about manual CPR vs mechanical CPR is one that has gone on for decades. While we know there are several advantages to mechanical CPR in general, the outcomes for patients with heart disease and heart failure who undergo any type of CPR are not always successful because...

Top 5 Reasons to Train with a Lung Simulator

Top 5 Reasons to Train with a Lung Simulator - Michigan Instruments Blog Image
Although not a medical device, the Michigan Instruments Training Test Lungs and PneuView3 training systems are designed to raise the bar on the quality and reliability of lung simulators as well as respiratory and ventilation care of patients. Michigan Instruments Training Test...