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The Merits of Automated CPR

When it comes to cardiac arrest, every second and every compression counts. We should know, as leaders in automated CPR for over 50 years, our devices give your patients their best chance at survival. But how? Isn’t CPR just CPR any way you cut it? No, it isn’t Our Life-Stat ...
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Adult Lung Simulators Single Vs Dual Adult

Adult Lung Simulators: Single Vs Dual Adult

Lung Simulators from Michigan Instruments are able to realistically simulate healthy and diseased lungs. We offer these simulators in both adult and infant/pediatric configurations. For the purposes of this post, we will discuss the adult lung simulators.  We may also refer to our simulators as “test lungs” although they are ...
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automated CPR in the hospital for Ford Hospital case - Michigan instruments

Prolonged Use of Automated CPR Aids In Revival of Hypothermia Patient

Michigan Instruments Automated CPR Used For 3 Hours and 45 Minutes to Aid In Revival of Hypothermia Patient It was the middle of winter in Michigan and a 56-year-old male was found down in the snow, cold and unresponsive. At EMS’s time of arrival, he had a Glasgow Coma Scale ...
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How to Stay Heart Healthy Over the Holidays

How to Stay Heart Healthy Over the Holidays The holidays are in full swing! A joyful time to be sure, it’s also that time of the year when our best of intentions become just that, intentions. While certainly difficult, it’s important to make good choices and keep your heart healthy ...
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Life Stat Automated CPR in Hospital Setting Video

Life-Stat Automated CPR in The Hospital

Watch Our Latest Video - Using Automated CPR In the Hospital Did you know that in the United States alone, over half a million people suffer from cardiac arrest every year, with over two hundred thousand of those occurring in hospitals? While the rate of survival following cardiac arrest is ...
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Simulation of Spontaneous Breathing Adult Patient

Application Purpose This setup and application may be used to assess the performance of various techniques and apparatus that support the ventilation and oxygenation of spontaneous breathing adult patients. REQUIRED MATERIALS ❶  Dual Adult Model of TTL® or Dual Adult PneuView® System with Standard Accessories ❷  BSM Breath Simulation Module ...
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Top 10 Reasons Test Lung Simulators Benefit Respiratory Therapy Programs

Did you know that one or more of our test lung simulation products are used in the majority of Respiratory Therapy programs throughout the United States and even in many countries around the world? It’s true! Test lung simulators designed and manufactured by Michigan Instruments are utilized in many Colleges, ...
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Visit us at AARC Congress, Booth #133

We're looking forward to sharing the latest developments and applications for our Test Lung Simulators. From creating a spontaneous breathing lung, to testing other respiratory equipment, see how its' done at AARC Congress 2018 ...
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