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Prolonged Use of Automated CPR Aids In Revival of Hypothermia Patient

automated CPR in the hospital for Ford Hospital case - Michigan instruments
Michigan Instruments Automated CPR Used For 3 Hours and 45 Minutes to Aid In Revival of Hypothermia Patient It was the middle of winter in Michigan and a 56-year-old male was found down in the snow, cold and unresponsive. At EMS’s time of arrival, he had a Glasgow Coma Scale...

Life-Stat Automated CPR in The Hospital

Life Stat Automated CPR in Hospital Setting Video
Watch Our Latest Video – Using Automated CPR In the Hospital Did you know that in the United States alone, over half a million people suffer from cardiac arrest every year, with over two hundred thousand of those occurring in hospitals? While the rate of survival following...

Medical Device Manufacturer Acquired, Aligns for Growth Under New Leadership

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN – Michigan Instruments, a leading innovator in the emergency medical and respiratory care industries, announces that the assets of Michigan Instruments were recently acquired by individual investor, Chris Blanker. He has assumed the role of President and...

A Hands-Free Mechanical CPR Solution for Hospital Settings

CPR training is fundamental within the healthcare setting and normally a 2-person at a time process with others ready to take their turns. One person begins the chest compression technique, while the other begins administering oxygen ventilation. While this serves as an effective...

Top 5 Reasons to Use Mechanical CPR Devices

There is no question that CPR can be beneficial to your patient to continue compressions and blood flow through the body. Here we take a look at 5 uses for mechanical CPR devices specifically and how they can increase a patient’s chance of survival. Better Cerebral...

Mechanical CPR Device, Life-Stat, Meets New AHA CPR Guidelines

These Mechanical CPR Devices Offer 120 Compressions per Minute, Ideal for Hospital Settings In October of 2015, the American Heart Association announced new guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR.) They stated that quick action and more teamwork is key to saving more...

The History of Mechanical CPR Machines

Technology That Saves Lives Fifty years ago, no one had heard of mechanical CPR, a device that has since saved thousands of lives. By providing hands-free external chest compressions, a mechanical CPR machine allows medical professionals to concentrate on other life-saving...

Thumper CPR and Mobile Medical Response

Michigan Instruments is proud to announce that MMR (Mobile Medical Response), an EMS provider in Saginaw, MI, recently began using our Thumper® Model 1007 CC mechanical CPR device. Our Thumper CPR devices offer full compression capabilities and have been used effectively on...

War Memorial Hospital Uses Grant to Purchase 50 New Life-Stat® Mechanical CPR Devices

Grand Rapids, MI—February 5, 2015—Michigan Instruments, Inc. (MII) announces that it has 50 new Life-Stat® Mechanical CPR machines being used throughout Northern Michigan. Mechanical CPR offers life-saving advantages over manual CPR, allowing rescuers to focus on other patient...

New Mechanical CPR Devices at ACEP 2014 Conference on Display

Michigan Instruments recently attended the ACEP conference in Chicago! Our team met many emergency room physicians and directors, introducing them to our new mechanical CPR devices, such as the Thumper and Life-Stat machines. These CPR machines are designed to provide constant,...