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Study: Feasibility of Cerebral Oximetry During In-Hospital CPR

Below is a summary of Cerebral Oximetry During In-Hospital CPR written by Parnia, Sam MD, PhD; Nasir, Asad, MD; Ahn, Anna MD; Malik, Hanan MD; Yang, Jie PhD; Zhu, Jiawen MS; Dorazi, Francis DO; Richman, Paul MD. Click here for a link to the article. Objective: A major hurdle...

Life-Stat® Success Story: Saving the Life of a Woman Clinically Dead for 45 Minutes

Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in America, but it is an event that is survivable.  Here’s a Life-Stat® Success Story; last week I had the pleasure of going down to Greensboro North Carolina to talk with Julia Sims and her family about her true, complete...

Life-Stat Compliance to 2010 AHA CPR

  Life-Stat® Mechanical CPR Meets 2010 AHA CPR Guidelines! Life-Stat® offers uninterrupted hands-free 2010 AHA compliant CPR with coordinated ATV oxygen ventilation. It provides the AHA required “at least 2 inches (5cm)” full recoil compression up to 3.2 inches (8cm) for...