Life-Stat® Testimonials

 “We cover 465 square miles in a tourist area of Georgia. We currently deploy two LIFE-STAT mechanical CPR devices. We’ve used Michigan Instruments’ THUMPER units since 1980. Our crews love using the LIFE-STAT because it takes the guesswork out of CPR. It’s easy to apply and only takes seconds to switch over from manual to mechanical compressions, which is important in reducing time off the chest of the patient. A human can’t match the consistency of the compressions offered by the LIFE-STAT, especially in the back of a moving ambulance.

We like how the compression device stays in the appropriate position on the sternum and can be easily adjusted to fit almost any size patient. It’s consistent with the new AHA guidelines and offers a ventilator in the unit. In continuous compression mode, the ventilator automatically interposes a breath 9 times a minute. This is important to us because we’re occasionally short of staff on cardiac arrest calls and the LIFE-STAT offers us an ‘extra person.’”

— David McCall, EMS Chief, Harris County EMS, Hamilton, GA 


“We operate a rural setting and have five LIFE-STAT 1008 mechanical CPR units in operation, with great results. We were able to purchase units through a DHS Assistance to Firefighters Grant under the EMS (non-hospital affiliated) category.

I did a lot of research on these devices before we selected Michigan Instruments’ device. What attracted our service the most to the LIFE-STAT CPR device was its ability to operate on our existing oxygen systems and also the fact that the only annual replacement cost we’ll have is a couple of inexpensive 9-volt batteries that I can get at the local drug store to maintain the settings in the microprocessor. Other devices on the market require you to replace disposable bands at a non-reimbursable cost of over $100 per patient. Some also recommend that you replace their batteries annually, at a cost of $500 each. With two batteries to be carried with those units, that would cost us $5,000 a year just in battery replacements for our five ambulances.

Operationally – It’s simple to operate and frees up the staff from tasks that can be done with more precision and consistency, and keeps our personnel from being in unsafe positions during transport.

Because of its design and extended arm, the LIFE-STAT can also be used on larger patients than the other devices. We didn’t want to spend money on a unit that would be restrictive on the size of the patients we could treat, particularly because of the increasing number of obese cardiac arrest patients encountered in the field today.”

— Matt Wells, Director of EMS, 
Pike County EMS, Petersburg, IN 

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