Researchers Develop Low-cost, Easy-to-use Emergency Ventilator for COVID-19 Patients

A team of engineers and physicians at the University of California San Diego has developed a low-cost, easy-to-use emergency ventilator for COVID-19 patients that is built around a ventilator bag usually found in ambulances.  The team…

Ventilator Testing and Calibration with Michigan Instruments Lung Simulator

When it comes to evaluating ventilator performance, a lung simulator is an invaluable resource. The testing of a ventilator should take place before it’s ever used on patients in a clinical environment. Periodic testing is also needed…

In the News: NASA Designed Its Own Ventilator Prototype in Just 37 Days

Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, have come up with a design for a high-pressure ventilator that can mechanically breathe for patients with the most severe cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus)—and…

In the News: Australian Scientists Successfully Test Ventilator Splitting in Simulated Setting

A team of researchers from the Royal Women’s Hospital, Monash University and the Alfred Hospital has successfully tested, in a simulated environment, the potential to ventilate two lungs of different compliances from a single ventilator…

In the News: MTU aiding in search for open-source devices to fight COVID-19

HOUGHTON — As COVID-19 cases have surged, the shortage of working ventilators has become one of the biggest obstacles in treating patients. A Michigan Technological University professor is one of the people working on a solution. Joshua…
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