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Test Lung Products

The Michigan Instruments’ Training and Test Lung, or Michigan Lung, embodies a mechanical ventilator simulation of the human pulmonary system. It is capable of measuring airway pressure, lung pressure and tidal volume. The TTL can simulate virtually any human respiratory pathology.

Mechanical CPR

Michigan Instruments has provided state-of-the-art mechanical CPR machines since 1964. The 1007CC Thumper and the 1008 Life-Stat are the latest models in this legacy, both offering compliance with the 2010 AHA guidelines and the ability to perform CPR on bariatric patients in excess of 500 lbs (227 kg).

Oxygen Management

EMS oxygen management systems allow for safe, effective transport and delivery of medical-grade O2 in the field. A vital resource for any emergency response team!

Parts & Accessories

Order replacement parts for all Michigan Instruments products here, including the Michigan Test Lungs, Breath Simulator, Life-Stat and Thumper Mechanical CPR Devices.

Test Lung Parts & Accessories
Accessories for all Michigan Lung Simulators in our TTL® line here! Whether you have a PneuView® enabled, instrumented device or our basic, non-instrumented unit, you can outfit it with new resistors, rest assemblies, and more, right here. If you are not sure what accessories you need, contact If you would like to purchase a test lung, contact for a quote.
Mechanical CPR Parts & Accessories
Your center for all parts and accessories for Thumper® or Life-Stat® Mechanical CPR devices! If your device isn’t due for a factory calibration but needs a new massager pad, NRV, etc. you can find it here. If you cannot find the item that you need listed here please contact for assistance.
Breath Simulation Accessories
Looking to set up a spontaneous breath/patient demand simulation? This section contains all of the materials you need to turn a TTL® into a spontaneously breathing system. Find replacement accessories for the BSM here. If you would like to purchase a BSM, contact for a quote.

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