Adult & Infant Test Lung

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Full Description

Adult & Infant Michigan Lung Simulators offer incredible versatility when instrumented with PneuView3 software or as an analog device.

Explore the table below to learn how our test and training lungs will revolutionize lung simulation programs or request a formal quote. A computer is included with every PneuView3 system.

International pricing may vary.

ParameterMeasurement RangeAccuracy
Breath Rate 2 to 1,100 bpm +/- 1 bpm
Inspiratory/Expiratory Time 0.3 to 30 sec +/- 0.03 sec
Tidal Volume (Infant Lung) .005 to 200 mL +/- 5% or 5 mL
Tidal Volume (Adult Lung) .100 to 2 L +/- 3% or 20 mL
Flow Rate (Infant Lung) 3 to 80 Lpm (3 to 30 Lpm) +/- 2 Lpm
(30 to 80 Lpm) +/- 4 Lpm
Flow Rate (Adult Lung) 10 to 200 Lpm (10 to 60 Lpm) +/- 3 Lpm
(60 to 200 Lpm) +/- 5 Lpm
Pressure: (Lung/Airway) 0 to 100 psi +/- 5% of user-calibrated Full Scale Output (FSO)
Pressure: (Auxilliary Port - Model 5600i only) 0 to 100 psi +/- 5% of user-calibrated FSO
Compliance (Infant Lung) .001 to .010 L/cmH2O
Compliance (Adult Lung) 0.01 to 0.10 L/cmH2O
Resistance Rp5, Rp20, Rp50, Rp200 & Rp500 cmH2O/L/sec

Features & Benefits of Michigan Lung

  • Ventilator Test Lungs simulate a wide variety of pulmonary conditions. Lung compliance and resistances can easily be adjusted to simulate any type of pathology in either adult or infant scenarios. 
  • A training and test lung is a useful tool spanning respiratory therapy classrooms to hospital biomed departments.
  • Offers a wide range of compliance and resistance settings from 5-500 cmH­­2O/L/sec (resistance) and 0.001-0.10 L/cmH2O (compliance).
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