Breathing Simulator Module

The Breathing Simulator Module (BSM) is a compact, precision device designed to transform the Dual Adult Test Lung Simulator into a spontaneous breathing system. The Breathing Simulator Module is used to ventilate one of the adult lung models, using it to lift the other adult lung by way of a Lung Coupling Clip. That lifted lung behaves like a spontaneous breathing patient. The breath rate, volume, and inspiratory flow-rates can be varied (as specified below) to produce a wide range of spontaneous breathing simulations.
Spontaneous breathing simulations are especially useful for designing, demonstrating, testing and providing training on non-invasive and supportive modes of ventilation and oxygenation.
NOTE: The BSM may be used on the Adult/Infant Training Test Lung Models but its use is limited. It can be used to simulate a spontaneously breathing infant lung only. Also, measurements made by PneuView software while in this mode are not corrected for patient “effort” and subject to significant error.  
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  • Specs

    Breath Rate 1-60 Breaths Per Minute
    Inspiratory/Expiratory Time User selectable .50, 1.0, 1.5, & 2.0 seconds (+/- 0.15 sec)
    Breath Volume 50 - 2000 mL
    Manual Mode Manual trigger provided for individual breaths
  • Features & Benefits

    Features & Benefits of Breathing Simulator Module

    • The Breathing Simulator Module has a physical and digital display of spontaneous breaths that is useful both in the classroom and for ventilator calibration.
    • Accurate control of breath rate, tidal volume and inspiratory time.
    • Easy, calibrated ventilation of testing equipment via line-air.
    • Simple setup. With a Breathing Simulator Module, a spontaneous breathing system can be set up in less than two minutes.
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