Single Adult Test Lung Simulator

The Single Adult Test Lung Simulator and PneuView systems provide a wide range of simulations in a smaller, single-lung package. If you’re focused on adult lung mechanics and the devices and therapies used to treat adults, the Single Adult test lung simulator may be just what you need. As with all of our test lungs, the Single Adult model is available with or without PneuView electronics and software.  
Additional information, including product features and specifications can be found below.
Note: All PneuView 3 Systems include a compatible laptop computer.  
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  • Specs

    Breath Rate* 2 to 1,100 bpm +/- 1 bpm
    Inspiratory/Expiratory Time* 0.3 to 30 sec +/- 0.03 sec
    Tidal Volume .100 to 2 L +/- 3% or 20 mL
    Flow Rate* 10 to 200 Lpm (10 to 60 Lpm) +/- 3 Lpm                                                     (60 to 200 Lpm) +/- 5 Lpm
    Pressure: (Lung/Airway) -20 to 120 cmH2O*                     -10 to 120 cmH2O +/- 2%
    Pressure: (Auxilliary Port)* 0 to 100 psi +/- 5% of user-calibrated Full Scale Output (FSO)
    Compliance .01 to .10 L/cmH2O  +/- 3% (at calibration volumes)
    Resistance Rp5, Rp20, Rp50 cmH2O/L/sec +/- 5% (at calibration flows)
    *-SL3 (PneuView) Model Only
  • Features

    Features of the Single Adult Test Lung Simulator & PneuView

    Single Adult Lung Simulator and PneuView units provide sophisticated lung simulation for those focused on adult equipment and therapies. These units have numerous testing, training, and demonstration applications and have been particularly useful to those involved in testing and quality assurance.
    • Full range of lung compliance and airway resistance settings
    • Single lung uses less bench or table space
    • Less size and weight simplifies transport
    • Tidal volume capacity up to 2.0 liters
    • Residual lung volume of 1.022 liters
    • Add Adult Head Simulation Module for non-invasive ventilation and support applications
    • Access ports for additional monitoring or introduction of physiologic/therapeutic gases
  • Manuals

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