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What applications of the TTL are of greatest interest? (Please Mark the Box Above All that Apply)

(Interface Elements) Which breath parameters need to be displayed graphically?
(Interface Elements) Should graphs be displayed superimposed over each other or on separate axes?
(Interface Elements) If displayed together, how should parameters be paired?
(Interface Elements) Should Pressure-Volume and Flow-Volume Loops be drawn dynamically or shown as a static display of the last breath?
(Interface Elements) Should more than one breath be displayed on the loop graphs (to show changes)?
(Interface Elements) Should PV and FV loops be displayed from the point of view of the simulated patient (i.e., as in a pulmonary function test) or as a direct measurement?
(Interface Elements) Do you want to see numerical displays of real-time parameters in addition to the graphs?
(Breath Parameters) Are there parameters other than those calculated and displayed in the current PneuView® software that are of interest?
(Breath Parameters) Do users want to assign reference values and/or tolerance bands to parameter measurements?
(Breath Parameters) Which breath parameters should be displayed by default?
(Breath Parameters) How should breath parameters be displayed (size, font, color, etc.)?
(Breath Parameters) Should different units of measure be supported? If so, what units and for which parameters?
What do you want to see on printed reports?
What is the fastest breath rate that you would use?
Do you need detailed waveform displays and breath part information for “high frequency” (greater than 200 BPM) breath patterns?

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