Mechanical CPR

Michigan Instruments has been at the forefront of Mechanical CPR, providing state-of-the-art mechanical CPR devices to hospitals and EMS organizations around the world for over 50 years. The Life-Stat 1008 and Thumper 1007CC are the latest models in this legacy, both offering compliance with the 2015 AHA guidelines and the ability to perform CPR on bariatric patients in excess of 500 lbs (227 kg).


The Benefits of Mechanical CPR Machines

Our LifeStat and Thumper devices provide consistent external chest compression, giving the patient the best chance of survival.
  • Performs precise, programmed, hands-free CPR and never gets tired.
  • Allows medical professionals to concentrate on other life-saving procedures.
  • Provides improved access to the patient.
  • Allows rescuers to be more safely positioned, and less susceptible to injury themselves.
The Life-Stat® Model 1008 is fully compliant with 2015 AHA CPR Guidelines for both chest compressions and rescue ventilation. Reliability is built into every Life-Stat® and Thumper, allowing them to remain in service for decades with proper use and maintenance.
Read how the Life-Stat CPR Machine saved the life of a woman who was clinically dead for 45 minutes.

CPR Device Models


Life-Stat Mechanical CPR Device


(Compression & Ventilation)

Thumper Mechanical CPR Device

(Compression Only)


Applications of Mechanical CPR Machines

  • Emergency Departments
  • Coronary & Intensive Care Units
  • Cardiac Catheterization Labs
  • Organ Transplant Facilities
  • In-hospital Cardiac Arrest
  • Ambulance Transport
  • Air Medevac Units
  • EMT Rescue Units
  • Fire Rescue Units