Mechanical CPR FAQs

Click on the link below to get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about mechanical CPR. If you have a specific question, please contact us directly.


Approved cleaning products include: 2030 Bio-Cidol® Neutral (Dymethyl Ammonium Chloride), Accell (accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide), Antifect AF (Dymethyl Ammonium Chloride), Betadine (Povidone-Iodine), Bruphene 256 (Amylphenol), Buraton 10F (Dialdehyde), Clorox Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite, 6.0%), Defend PS-10 (Dymethyl Ammonium Chloride), Dispatch (Sodium Hyporchlorite, 1.0%), Eco Tru (Chloroxylenol), Endbac (Dymethyl Ammonium Chloride), Hebiclens Liquid (Chlorhexidine Gluconate), PDI Sani-Cloth® Plus (Dymethyl Ammonium Chloride), Phenex N.S. (Amylphenol), Quat-64 Broad (Dymethyl Ammonium Chloride), Spartan TB-Cide Quat (Quaternary Ammonium), Terralin (Bymethyl Ammonium Chloride), Vesphene LpH se(Phenylphenol), and Virex TB (Dymethyl Ammonium Chloride).

***No products with isopropyl alcohol as an active ingredient should be used to clean MII CPR device massager pads. Notable products that include that use this as an active ingredient include CaviCide, Endozime AW, and Mikrozid Liquid.***