Infant Lung Simulators

Adult/Infant Model

“We have been using Michigan Instruments Training Test Lungs in our Respiratory Care program for many years, we love them.”

“Michigan Instruments has the best test lung”

“They are easy to use and durable.”

“We wish we had more!”

“The TTL is valuable in showing students the effects of changes in compliance and resistance on volume and pressure.”

“They are valuable to show differences between tracheal and intrapulmonary pressure.”

“Our Respiratory Therapy Program currently owns 4 of the Michigan Instruments TTL® Lung Simulators.”

“We use the TTL’s to enlighten students on the basic concepts of lung compliance and airway resistance.”

“The Michigan Instruments lungs are tremendously useful tools.”

“We consider the TTL’s an essential part of our training program!”

“Michigan Instruments lungs are… cost-effective.”

“These Lung Simulators easily provide simulation of a variety of lung conditions”

“Michigan Instruments devices are a great tool for giving our students hands-on experience”