Lung Simulator Products

Michigan Instruments Training & Test Lung and PneuView Systems:

Set the standard in quality, versatility, and durability.

Instructors, Design Engineers, and Quality Assurance Professionals endorse their natural functionality.

Offer the most realistic and accurate simulations of the human pulmonary system.

 Lung Simulator Products


Mechanical CPR Devices

Michigan Instruments has been a leader in the field of Mechanical CPR for over 50 years!

EMS and ED Professionals trust our state-of-the-art Mechanical CPR Devices for their reliability, giving patients the best chance at survival.

Our latest models, the Life-Stat 1008 and Thumper 1007CC, comply with the 2015 AHA guidelines and are built with the patient in mind.

 Mechanical CPR Devices

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Medical Contract Manufacturing

We go above and beyond the expectations of the medical industry and our clientele!

Michigan Instruments is efficient, responsive, and dedicated to delivering quality products.

Our medical equipment follows strict quality assurance guidelines, providing medical facilities with the confidence and dependability they require.

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities