Michigan Instruments training and testing lung simulator with adult head and breath simulation module

Train. Test. Study. Repeat.

Easy to use, versatile Lung Simulators. Available with software and accessories making these simulators ideal to teach, test, train, and research respiratory care.

Life-Stat Mechanical CPR machine on CPR dummy

Life-Saving Therapy on Standby.

Michigan Instruments - Your Trusted Partner in Automated CPR Machines

See how our Automated CPR products, Life-Stat & Thumper, can save lives both during out-of-hospital and in-hospital cardiac arrest. Our devices are trusted, tried, and true – learn more.

Michigan Instruments Thumper CPR machine

Automated CPR Machines

Our mechanical CPR devices give your patients their best chance at survival. Easy to use for reliable, automated CPR during out-of-hospital and in-hospital cardiac arrest. See why our latest models, the Life-Stat 1008 and Thumper 1007CC, represent the latest innovation in life-saving therapy, because when it comes to cardiac arrest,  every compression matters and each second counts.

Lung Simulators

Our state-of-the-art Lung Simulators coupled with PneuView Software help medical professionals, ventilator manufacturers and educators provide hands-on training, test respiratory care products and techniques, and advance research and development around the world. With test lung simulators for adults and infants, our devices offer the most realistic and accurate simulations of the human pulmonary system available today. 

Michigan Instruments test lung stimulator

Why Michigan Instruments?

We are a pioneer in the respiratory care and emergency medical industries.

Our lung simulators and automated CPR devices are stand-alone products, but both have been recognized as breakthrough innovations in the medical profession.

Our lung simulators are used by thousands worldwide and are considered the gold standard of respiratory simulation.

Our automated CPR products fully meet the AHA guidelines and are regularly recognized for initiating ROSC in cardiac arrest patients.

As a full-service company, all final units are inspected, reviewed and serviced by the same workforce that initially assembled them, guaranteeing in-depth expertise and a reliable product for years to come. And all are made in the USA!


“Our crews love using the LIFE-STAT because it takes the guesswork out of CPR. It’s easy to apply and only takes seconds to switch over from manual to mechanical compressions, which is important in reducing time off the chest of the patient… the LIFE-STAT offers us an ‘extra person.”

“We have been using Michigan Instruments Training Test Lungs in our Respiratory Care program for many years and we love them.”

“We also like the fact that it operates off of our existing oxygen systems and doesn’t require us to have to worry about batteries being constantly changed out or failing during life-saving emergencies.”

“…The Life-Stat is our main tactical lifesaving tool in the treatment of cardiac arrest. …I have personally witnessed, many times, patient lives that were saved because of the Life-Stat equipment.”

“We use the Michigan Instruments Test Lungs / Lung Simulators (TTL) in our program for demonstration of mechanical ventilation, laboratory practice with ventilators, and aerosol and ventilator research.”

“The setup is fast and easy….in less than 5 seconds the patient is receiving perfect CPR compressions.”