Simulation Labs

It can be difficult to stay current with the ever-advancing technology and techniques used to treat patients with lung disease or breathing challenges. Having TTL and PneuView Lung Simulators in your Simulation Lab(s) can help clinicians get and stay proficient.

Adjustable lung compliance and airway resistance, realistic residual volumes, and our Head Simulation Modules, you can simulate a wide array of healthy and diseased lung and physiologic conditions. This can be incredibly valuable in giving students and practitioners hands-on experience in interpreting data, managing technology, and learning new therapies.

Our lung simulators are extremely versatile, very durable, and have been a staple in training programs and simulation labs for many years. The TTL and PneuView Systems are fully calibrated units and are available in single or dual-lung models, for adults and infants. Spontaneous Breathing Lungs are also available.