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Test Lung Products

The Michigan Instruments’ Training and Test Lung (also known as the Michigan Lung) embodies a mechanical simulation of the human pulmonary system capable of measuring airway pressure, lung pressure and tidal volume. The TTL can simulate virtually any human respiratory pathology.

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Our most compact lung
The dual adult test lung features our largest tidal volume capacity (4L) and comes equipped with accessories capable of simulating both upper and lower airway resistance.

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The Benefits of the Michigan Lung

The PneuView3 System

With our PneuView3 software, numerous respiratory parameters and waveforms can be displayed in real time; this data can also be saved and retrieved for further analysis.  Comprised of an electronic module (including pressure transducers, signal conditioning and analog-to-digital converter circuitry), this system allows the unit to interface with a host computer.  Through the use of PneuView3 each unit can calculate dozens of different pulmonary parameters simultaneously, each of which can be graphed, tabulated and/or digitally recorded for later use.  More.


A TTL can simulate many pulmonary pathologies and accurately measure tidal volume, lung pressure, and airway pressure.  It maintains its’ ability to react in real time to changing breath patterns.  TTLs have been widely embraced in education for their ability to observe complex breath patterns through the simulated motion of the lungs.


Applications of the Training and Test Lung

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Ventilator Testing
  • Product Evaluation
  • Product Demonstration
  • Pulmonary Research
  • Quality Control
  • Design Engineering
  • Clinical Intervention


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