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Ventilator Testing & Maintenance with Lung Simulators from Michigan Instruments

Mechanical ventilator failures can expose patients, and hospitals, to unacceptable risks, making maintaining mechanical ventilator safety an important issue1.  To properly evaluate a ventilators performance, it’s important to utilize a quantitative lung simulator, which can dynamically stimulate human physiology. Testing should be performed on each and every ventilator before it is used in a clinical setting and periodically to ensure that it meets established standards as well as manufacturer specifications.

Lung simulators by Michigan Instruments are ideal for ventilator management. These devices are an invaluable resource for a number of professionals who manage and maintain ventilators on a regular basis. Our lung simulators can mimic a wide range of healthy and diseased pulmonary conditions and provide accurate measurements of vital respiratory parameters.

Ventilator Testing Elements

While manufacturer requirements for ventilator testing, calibration, and maintenance may vary, there are several basic elements to test:

  • delivered tidal and/or minute volume
  • respiratory rate
  • inspiratory time or flow rate
  • percent oxygen
  • alarm limit settings2

Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators

Unlike many of the basic test lungs found on the market today, our Lung Simulators and PneuView Systems allow measurement of critical ventilation parameters and a dynamic response to therapy that simulates the human pulmonary system. Not only do they simulate various lung compliance (stiffness), but they also make it easy to change the airway resistance to simulate numerous real-life situations that healthcare providers will likely encounter with real patients.

Whether you’re looking to manage and maintain ventilators within your healthcare setting, or are a manufacturer looking to test and verify ventilators before they leave your facility, our Test Lung Simulators offer the testing and evaluation options you need.

Types of Lung Simulators Available

We are pleased to offer a number of test Lung Simulators and PneuView Systems that can be used to test, calibrate and manage your ventilators.

Learn more about our lung simulators here or contact us today for more information.