Michigan Instruments would like to announce a change in cost associated with the calibration of many Training and Test Lung respiratory simulation models.

On November 1, 2014, the cost for models 1600, 1601, 1603 and 4600 (recommended every 3 years) and models DAN, AIN and SLN (recommended every 2 years) will be $560. For models 3600i, 5600i, 5601i, DA3, AI3, and SL3 (recommended every 2 years) will be $700.

There will no longer be a separate for charge for “as found” or “as received” data. This data will be taken (if the unit is received in a condition to permit it) and provided with final data and certifications.

Factory calibration encompasses all aspects of sensor, electronic, mechanical and software tuning to ensure maximum accuracy of all measurements and simulated parameters provided by TTL/PneuView systems. This procedure includes the setting of the compliance and resistance characteristics of the lungs and setting offset and gain characteristics for each of the pressure transducer channels.

Is it possible to do this independently?

Pressure and volume calculation accuracy may be easily verified with the aid of a calibrated syringe and independent pressure measurement device. All versions of the PneuView system ship with pre-formatted templates to aid the user with the verification of calibration accuracy. These templates include step-by-step instructions, which should be followed periodically to ensure maintenance of calibration accuracy or anytime accuracy comes into question, such as if the unit suffers some type of physical damage.

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