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For years, Michigan Instruments Training & Test Lung Simulators have been used by ventilator manufacturers and respiratory therapists to validate, calibrate and train staff on ventilator equipment. We have recently introduced our Head Simulation Modules to offer additional training and testing options for respiratory care products.


The Test Lung Simulators are fully adjustable and mimic the human pulmonary system, providing real time feedback. They effectively simulate patient activity and response to the treatment being used, making them ideal simulators to use for product testing, validation and professional training.

The Head Simulation Modules provide a wider range of applications where visible and immediate response to the patient impact can be seen.

Utilizing lung simulators with the head simulation modules (HSM), hospital staff can be trained on more equipment and patient care scenarios than ever before. Ensuring staff is trained and capable of the patient procedures is critical, even for scenarios that may not occur often. Users can monitor and see lung volume, lung pressure, airway pressure on the test lung itself. Our PneuView® software also provides additional data, which can be recorded*, saved, and reviewed for additional training

Head Simulation Module Testing & Training Applications

  • CPAP and BiPAP Systems
  • Effective use of Manual Resuscitators
  • Non-Invasive ventilators and Ventilation Modes
  • Oxygen Delivery Systems

Allows assessment and training for:

  • Actual volume delivery during manual resuscitation
  • Effects of varying lung compliance and airway resistance on BVM performance
  • Incidence of Gas-trapping or AutoPEEP seen during manual resuscitation
  • Actual FiO2 delivery to the lungs during manual resuscitation (requires PneuView with oxygen sensor or independent oxygen analyzer)

Learn more about our Head Simulation Modules here. If you would like additional technical information or pricing, please contact us today.

*Available in PneuView3.1 Software only

This information is intended to provide some guidance and suggestions for use of the Test Lung Simulators. It does not encompass the full range of applications for which the TTL and PneuView Systems are appropriate. We welcome your suggestions for future Application & Use Case scenarios, and encourage you to share your own experiences and applications with us via email at mii@michiganinstruments.com.