Michigan Instruments simulating dolphin pulmonary capacity blog image

At Michigan Instruments, our Test Lung Simulators are used for a number of different applications. From classroom instruction to product evaluation, pulmonary research or clinical intervention, our customers value the versatility, accuracy, and realism of our test lung simulations. But what if the simulation and testing isn’t for a human?

The Challenge:

A veterinary facility located in Ponte Verde, Florida recently reached out to the experts at Michigan Instruments with a unique request.

They were developing a ventilator designed for use on dolphins when putting them under anesthesia and needed a way to test this piece of equipment. The Test Lung Simulator had to be able to measure at a much larger pulmonary capacity than is necessary for humans – 12 liters to be exact – and there was nothing available on the market.

In short, they needed to simulate dolphins under anesthesia, and needed a device that could simulate and measure large tidal volumes to successfully test their equipment before using it on live animals. They looked to Michigan Instruments for help.

The Solution:

The team at Michigan Instruments began developing and testing a unique solution for the veterinary clinic, helping them ensure their ventilators were safe and effective for medical use.

By taking three of our dual adult test lungs and manufacturing a special airway assembly that connected all three together, we were able to provide the lung capacity that was required to simulate the dolphin pulmonary system.

We forged and built the custom airway in-house, developed in-depth operational documents and sent the test lungs directly to the veterinary clinic with everything they needed to accurately test their equipment.

The Results:

The veterinary clinic was able to successfully test their ventilators in preparation for use on large mammals such as dolphins. They were also able to train other specialists on their ventilator’s operation in advance of any anesthetic surgery.

From Michigan Instruments’ perspective, it was a lot fun to develop this custom product for such a unique application!

“It was a fun adventure,” says Eric Hadesh, Document Control Manager at Michigan Instruments, “it was definitely something we don’t do day-to-day and it was interesting to determine how best to complete and assemble the system, then come up with the pictures and documentation. It was a great learning experience for us, but also an exceptional application of our lung simulation products and capabilities.”

This is just one example of many that shows how Michigan Instruments continues to forge ahead as an innovative pioneer in the respiratory care industry. Setting the standard in quality, versatility and durability, we never shy away from a challenge and are always operating from a ‘what’s next’ mentality.

Learn more about our test lung simulators or contact us today with any questions. We love a good challenge and can’t wait to hear about how you would like to use any of our state-of-the-art products to better train your people, test your products, or perform groundbreaking medical research.