Test Lung or Lung Simulator - not the same things

Test Lungs and Lung simulators. Not the Same Things

When you hear the word “test lung” and “lung simulator,” you may think they mean the same thing. Many people use them simultaneously. In fact, we have historically called our lung simulators “Training & Test Lungs “or TTLs – since they have several lung simulation, teaching and testing applications.  The truth is, there are differences between a test lung and lung simulator.  Below, we’ll dive deeper into the definition of each.

What is a Test Lung?

A test lung is typically a simple device that features an elastic latex bag. It does not represent human lung volumes and is not calibrated. While it’s usually non-adjustable, it may be minimally adjustable through a binding strap or simple clip system. In addition, a test lung is not intended for the collection of data or any type of quantitative studies.

What is a Lung Simulator?

A lung simulator features a simulated airway and has the ability to represent realistic residual lung volumes. It can accommodate a complete range of typical tidal volumes as well as adjustable lung compliances. A lung simulator can also create leaks or introduce gases and measure lung pressures, volumes, and flows. Which gives respiratory professionals devices to truly simulate normal, diseased and injured human pulmonary lung functions.

A lung simulator is more sophisticated than a test lung, which can be anything that is placed on the end of a ventilator’s breathing circuit to close the system and form a load. At Michigan Instruments, we consider our products lung simulators because they are quite advanced.  Still, since they are used for testing equipment and other respiratory devices, sometimes the “test lung” is used.

Michigan Instruments Offers (Test) Lung Simulators

In fact, researchers use our lung simulation devices to develop new respiratory care devices and treatments, which have helped many patients improve their quality of life. Our lung simulators allow for the most realistic simulation capabilities of a human pulmonary system and offer a number of setup options with incredible accuracy and reliability.

Since they are fully calibrated units and available in single or dual-lung models for adults and infants, they give researchers, respiratory professionals, device developers and more the ability to work with a wide variety of healthy and diseased lung conditions depending on their application. Our devices are also available with or without our PneuView Software.

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