TTL or PneuView - Whats the difference

TTL vs. PneuView: What’s the Difference?

Our TTL®Training Test Lungs and PneuView® Systems are both high-quality lung simulators that are used for professional training, product development, and research around the world.

A quick look at the TTL and PneuView reveals that the units are identical in terms of the mechanical lung simulation features; same body, same bellows, same springs, etc. This leads many people to ask, “So, what’s the difference?” We thought it would be a good idea to outline those difference here in an effort to help those deciding on the best solution for their particular application(s).

What are TTLs?

TTLs are high-quality mechanical lung simulation devices intended to simulate a wide variety of representative and realistic lung conditions and pathologies. They incorporate adjustable lung compliance settings, variable airway resistances, and realistic residual lung volumes. TTLs provide a dynamic simulation and response to mechanical ventilation and have been widely used for professional training, as well as product development and testing.

These devices make use of pressure gauges and printed volume scales to provide measurements and visual feedback to the user.  TTLs are NOT equipped with electronics or software.

We offer Single Adult, Dual Adult, and Adult-Infant configurations of the TTL.

What are PneuView® Systems?

PneuView® Systems include all the features of TTLs with the added capabilities of electronics and software. The PneuView® Electronic Module is built into the body of the lung simulator and incorporates pressure transducers, environmental sensors, signal conditioning, and analog-to-digital converter circuitry.

Through the PneuView® software that is installed on a host computer, PneuView® Systems have the ability to display several respiratory parameter measurements and waveforms in real-time. Researchers can then graph, tabulate, or digitally record and retrieve the data for further review and analysis.

When paired with our state-of-the-art lung stimulators, the PneuView® System can assist medical professionals, ventilator manufacturers, and educators with hands-on-training. It can also give them the opportunity to test various respiratory care products and techniques and advance research in the respiratory care industry.

TTLs and PneuView® Systems are Unique

Unlike the majority of basic test lungs on the market, TTLs and and PneuView® Systems offer residual lung volumes and a dynamic response to therapy that represents the human pulmonary system as realistically as possible. All devices are available in single adult, dual adult and adult/infant models.

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