7 Reasons Your EMS Units Need a Life-Stat, Stat!

Michigan Instruments is a proven partner of hospitals and EMS Units around the globe, helping them provide patients with the best chance of survival through Automated CPR. Our Life-Stat mechanical CPR device provides EMS Units with a device that delivers consistent, uninterrupted CPR care that they can count on and represents our latest advancements in CPR technology.

Here are the 7 reasons your EMS Unit needs a Life-Stat:

1. Meets AHA 2020 Guidelines

Our Life-Stat is the only CPR device on the market that meets the American Heart Association’s 2020 guidelines for both ventilation and chest compressions.

2. Perfect, Hands-Free Automatic CPR

With the Life-Stat, the CPR machine does the work for you! The Life-Stat delivers automatic CPR to the patient and is the only device in the market to offer built-in ventilation. These features allow first responders to focus on other important, and life-saving resuscitation efforts and helps to prevent caregiver fatigue that comes with performing manual CPR. The hands-free design also helps to prevent EMS personnel from being in unsafe positions during patient transport.

3. Provides Improved Patient Access

The Life-Stat makes it so that there is no need to work around people providing chest compressions as you perform life-saving care. Engineered with a “C” arm design, it provides more access to the patient than other wrap-around or enclosed models. It is also easy to use in confined spaces and stairways that EMS personnel can encounter during transport.

If needed, the Life-Stat can be paused and resumed at the push of a button, maintaining nearly complete access to the patient throughout the entire resuscitation effort.

4. Personalized Care for Patients

Offering adjustable compression depth, the Life-Stat clearly shows the compression depth for each patient based on the patient’s specific A-P chest diameter. The design also allows for it to provide care and accommodate larger patients than other CPR devices on the market.

5. It Doesn’t Quit

The Life-Stat provides complete and uninterrupted CPR for as long as you need it.  It has a long lifespan, allowing the Life-Stat to sustain support and ensuring little chance of device failure mid-care.

6. Lightweight and Easy to Use Chest Compression Machine

Being only 19.5 lbs. (or 8.8 kg), the Life-Stat CPR device is lightweight and easy to use, taking only seconds to set up. The device easily fits and is accessible in most ambulance or fire rescue storage compartments and is capable of operating with most standard ambulance oxygen systems.

7. Great Value. Most Cost Effective Automated CPR Device

Michigan Instruments’ automated CPR devices offer the absolute best value in the market today with the lowest acquisition cost. Offering very low, ongoing maintenance costs, the Life-Stat’s 9-volt batteries and ventilation tubes are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Considering Adding or Upgrading Your Mechanical CPR Device?

Trust that your EMS crew and your patients are always in good hands with Michigan Instruments’ Life-Stat or Thumper CPR Devices. Want to learn more about Michigan Instruments or get a quote on a Life-Stat device? Contact us!