PneuView3 Improvements from Michigan Instruments are worth mentioning!

Did you know that Michigan Instruments’ NEW Training and Test Lung embodies a mechanical respiratory simulation of the human pulmonary system that can measure airway pressure, lung pressure, tidal volume, and many other parameters?

Originally developed 40 years ago, the “Michigan Instruments TTL” was developed to simulate the human pulmonary system. The PneuView3 software was completely redeveloped with insight from our customers, biomechanical engineers, respiratory therapists and educators at area universities. With the New PneuView3 Software, the redesigned training and test lung, which is fully to scale, gives users the ability to simulate hundreds of patient scenarios.

The system includes a mechanical test lung (or lungs) simulator that’s precisely engineered with a set of electronic sensors, a signal conditioning package, and an integrated micro control unit.

The PneuView3 software application calculates respiratory parameters and waveforms, displaying them in real time. It also allows you to export data for later review.

A range of models are available, including:

  • Dual adult
  • Single adult
  • Adult-Infant

All are available as instrumented or non-instrumented models.

An Improved User Experience

Take a look at the different interfaces of the old and new software. You’ll find a much easier way to set up a project, patient parameters, and see the output in real time. This allows your Training & Test Lung to be used for staff training, ventilator calibrations, and more.


What makes the new “Michigan Lung” and the PneuView3 Software Different?

Most training and test lungs perform just a handful of simulations and are not fully to scale, which means that their parameters are adjusted according to a scale model. This gives the Michigan Lung the advantage of moving and “feeling” like a real lung when it’s ventilated.

The re-designed Michigan Lung and PneuView3 Software provide a comprehensive lung simulation that can be used in the improvement of respiratory products, calibration of ventilators and in research to enhance patient care and treatment.


While the previous version was great for those with extensive training, the PneuView3 Software is streamlined and intuitive, allowing for easier setup, learning, and operation.

  • The new Michigan Lung and PneuView3 Software provide comprehensive data by displaying dozens of parameters like pressures, flows, and volumes.
  • High-Frequency Ventilation is available for human lung simulations of all types.
  • The new lungs feature an increased resolution of output data.
  • Built-in temperature and FIO2 (Fraction of Inspired Oxygen) calculations are included.
  • The software is compatible with all modern Windows®-based operating systems.

Learn more about the Michigan Lung Test & Training Lungs.

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