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The Benefits to Pre-Hospital Use of Automated CPR Machine

When it comes to cardiac arrest patients, every second and every compression can make a huge difference. However, it can be extremely difficult—sometimes even impossible, for caregivers to deliver consistent, high-quality compressions in pre-hospital settings, especially during transport.

Michigan Instruments Automated CPR devices provide a way for first responders to safely provide continuous CPR to patients throughout pre-hospital care, avoiding any interruptions in life-saving CPR. Here are the benefits to pre-hospital use of automated CPR devices.

Easy to Use, Automated CPR in Seconds

Lightweight and easily transportable, automated CPR devices like our Life Stat and Thumper allow for a quick transition from manual to automated CPR. These CPR machines can easily be incorporated into a hospital “crash cart” setup or stored in most ambulance storage compartments. Automated CPR devices take seconds to set up, making the transition to mechanical CPR seamless and with minimal interruption to compressions.

Uninterrupted, Consistent Chest Compressions

Manual CPR can be physically challenging for caregivers to give for an extended period of time, and fatigue can result in less-than-optimal CPR for patients within minutes. Michigan Instruments automated CPR devices deliver consistent compressions for as long you need, eliminating the risk of burnout and ensuring high quality care to the patient.

Continuous Compressions During Transport

Attempting to deliver quality, manual CPR during transport can be extremely difficult and increase the risk of injury to emergency responders. Michigan Instruments Automated CPR devices are securely attached to patients to avoid any interruptions in CPR for as long as it takes to reach the hospital.

Concentrate on other Life Saving Procedures

Automated CPR devices perform effective and customized CPR hands-free, allowing emergency responders to concentrate and perform other life-saving measures during transport, before the patient even reaches the hospital. If necessary, mechanical CPR can also be paused and resumed with just the push of a button, maintaining nearly complete access to the patient throughout the entire event.

Rely on Michigan Instruments

Michigan Instruments’ automated CPR devices have been helping EMS professionals, doctors and nurses provide their patients with the quality care they deserve for decades. Learn more about our Life Stat and Thumper mechanical CPR devices and contact one of our representatives to learn more, or request a quote today.