Respiratory Therapists Play a Vital Role in Patient Care blog image
Respiratory Therapists Play a Vital Role in Patient Care blog image

Respiratory Therapists Play a Vital Role in Patient Care

Respiratory Therapists work with doctors and nurses to treat patients of all ages, ranging from premature infants, whose lungs have not fully developed, to adults with lung disease. Typically, they assist medical teams with the following:

  • Diagnosing lung or breathing disorders
  • Evaluating patients, performing tests and conducting studies
  • Determining appropriate therapy and treatment options
  • Managing equipment and devices needed for treatment such as ventilators and oxygen machines
  • Educating patients and families about lung disease and breathing disorders

Throughout the pandemic, the role of all healthcare professionals, especially respiratory therapists, became critical in the care and treatment of patients with COVID-19.  As the country and the world continue to evaluate ongoing conditions caused by the virus, we continue to see our lung simulators used for developing and testing new equipment and respiratory treatments.

The emerging trend in healthcare toward a multidisciplinary team to deliver primary healthcare services has made the role of Respiratory Therapists integral in the care of patients.  Now, working collaboratively with other medical teams, Respiratory Therapists are helping the healthcare industry move toward a patient-centered approach that can help to improve the management of diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), while also helping to focus on disease prevention and health promotion for patients.

Michigan Instruments, a Pioneer in Respiratory Care

Michigan Instruments’ test lung simulators have been used by thousands of Respiratory Therapists worldwide and are considered the gold standard of respiratory simulation. From hands-on training to testing new respiratory care products and techniques, our test lung simulators for adults and infants offer the most realistic and accurate simulation of the human pulmonary system available today.  They help Respiratory Therapists provide the highest quality of care and life-saving therapy to patients. 

Want to learn more why Michigan Instruments has been called a pioneer in respiratory care? Contact us to learn more about our lung simulators and how they can be used by your Respiratory Therapy team.