Reliability of Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators

Reliability of Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators

A recent Galway Ventshare video demonstrates their testing setup for their prototypes using older generation Michigan Instruments devices.

For decades Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators have provided researchers and manufacturers with accurate and reliable results for the testing and calibration of respiratory and ventilation devices. This was prevalent last year when Michigan Instruments devices assisted manufacturers and researchers worldwide as they combatted the shortage of ventilators as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While Michigan Instruments has continued to improve our lung simulators over the years, updating our lung simulators in 2014, we know that our older units were, and continue to be, used to aid in the research and development of new ventilator prototypes.

We recently found this video by Galway Ventshare, where they share an overview of their testing setup for their prototypes using two (older generation) Michigan Instruments test lung simulators to represent patients.

Michigan Instruments Lung Simulators: Ideal for Testing, Research & Development

Available in adult and infant versions, single lung, and dual lung models, our lung simulators allow medical researchers to test new devices and techniques, simulating a wide range of patients and lung conditions.  Ventilator manufacturers and other medical device manufacturers can count on the accuracy, versatility, and durability of our lung simulator devices day in and day out.

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