CPR on drowning victim

Administering CPR on a drowning victim is crucial to their survival. Drowning and near-drowning accidents can happen to anyone at any age. Believe it or not, these incidents can also happen any time of the year, and also in shallow water. 

According to Stop Drowning Now, there are an average of 3,500 to 4,000 drownings per year in the United States  — which unfortunately, is about 10 fatal drownings per day on average. 

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most common causes of drowning include:

  • panicking in water
  • falling through ice
  • alcohol consumption near or in water
  • the inability to swim

Below, we outline how the Michigan Instruments Life-Stat mechanical CPR device can help save a drowning victim’s life and reduce stress off of first responders.

Life-Stat Provides Early Medical Intervention

Early medical intervention on drowning victims is crucial, which is where CPR administration comes in. For first responders, using the Life-Stat provides your patients with the best chance at survival. 

The Life-Stat will let the responders give patients hands-free compressions and automatic breaths through a built-in ventilator, thus allowing you to work on other lifesaving measures.

Hands-Free Capability

It’s important to prepare yourself to conduct life-saving actions within a moment’s notice. Administering CPR to victims of drowning can save their life in more ways than one.

If someone has fallen through ice, they could have hypothermia, so it’s vital to warm them up.  This is able to be done while still administering Michigan Instruments CPR. Just one of the reasons why having a hands-free CPR device is essential. 

The Life-Stat delivers CPR to the patient automatically, with uninterrupted compressions. This frees up personnel for other life saving measures.  

Read more about the hands-free capabilities of the Life-Stat.

Uninterrupted CPR, No Matter Where

Whether a drowning occurs on a crowded beach or a desolate location, it’s important to ensure that you have as many skilled hands as possible, with a device you can trust. The Life-Stat provides CPR on a drowning victim with uninterrupted compressions, using a lightweight set-up that takes only seconds. 

This is especially helpful if the drowning occurs far from a hospital, where pre-hospital medical care is vital for survival.

Read more Life-Stat Specs here. 

Life-Stat Can Save Lives

The Life-Stat has numerous benefits that can be crucial for the survival of drowning victims. We’re extremely proud to offer a hands-free, lifesaving device that allows medical professionals to provide other life-saving measures. 

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