mechanical cpr hospital: The 5+ Ways the Life-Stat Offers an Extra Pair of Hands

mechanical cpr in hospitals, The 5+ Ways the Life-Stat Offers an Extra Pair of Hands

If you need  an “extra pair of hands” in hospitals, emergency rooms and EMS units, the Michigan Instruments Life-Stat provides uninterrupted mechanical CPR to patients. This gives doctors, nurses and paramedics the capability to perform additional life-saving work on patients, such as administering life-saving therapies, taking blood, applying pressure to any open wounds, and much more.

Below, we outline the 5+ key benefits of our Life-Stat device in addition to providing your emergency department or EMS unit an “extra pair of hands”.

1. Fits Larger Patients

It’s unrealistic at best to expect every patient to be relatively the same size. That’s why it’s so significant that both the Life-Stat and Thumper accommodate larger patients compared to other devices in the market today.

2. Varied Compression Depth

Michigan Instruments CPR devices allow the user to adjust the compression depth to the individual needs of the patient. Based on the patient’s A-P chest diameter, the compression depth for each patient is clearly displayed on the device. 

3. Meets Current AHA Guidelines

Our Life-Stat features options for 100 or 120 compressions per minute, which follows the most current American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines. 

4. Built-in Ventilator

The Life Stat is the only device on the market today to offer built-in ventilation. Therefore, first responders and doctors can focus on other life-saving measures during resuscitation and transport, before the patient even reaches the hospital. 

5. Greater Access to the Patient

There’s no need to work around people providing chest compressions (and breaths). With the Life-Stat, mechanical CPR can be paused and resumed with a push of a button if necessary. This maintains nearly complete access to the patient throughout each and every resuscitation effort. 

Our devices are engineered with a “C” arm design. This provides better access to the patient than other wrap-around or enclosed models.

But Wait, There’s More

Along with these five key benefits, the Life-Stat offers several additional features and benefits, including:

  • Lightweight and Easy to Operate: Weighing only 19.5 lbs. (8.8 kg), the Life-Stat is both lightweight and easy to use. Our devices can be set-up in seconds, with minimal interruption to compressions.  They can easily be incorporated into a hospital “crash cart” setup. Or, stored in a way that’s easily accessible and fits into most standard ambulance storage compartments.
  • It Doesn’t Quit: Our Life-Stat provides perfect, uninterrupted CPR for as long as necessary. The electronic control module allows users to switch instantaneously from 30:2 to CCV mode with a pause/resume feature. This device also uses a long-life 9-volt battery for the control panel that you can “hot swap” while the unit is running. Therefore, providing complete and uninterrupted CPR no matter what — all you need is a high-pressure oxygen source!
  • Incomparable Value: Michigan Instruments’ automated CPR devices offer the absolute best value in the market today, as they offer both the lowest acquisition cost and ongoing cost of ownership.

Need More Hands to Administer Mechanical CPR in Hospitals? Contact Us Today!

As a medical professional, you often find yourself needing more hands than just the two you have. The more hands on deck, the greater chances of survival the patient will have.

To learn how our automated CPR devices have helped EMS professionals, doctors and nurses provide patients with life-saving and quality care for over 55 years, please visit our FAQ page or contact us today to request a quote.