good bedside manner

good bedside manner

Demonstrating good bedside manner is a crucial skill for any healthcare professional. It encompasses qualities such as empathy, compassion, active listening, and effective communication skills. 

While good bedside manner has always been important, it is even more so in today’s healthcare landscape. Below, we discuss why good bedside manner is so important.

1. Patient-Centered Care

A study from Healthgrades and Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) found that over 52% of patients  indicated that they wanted their doctor to have at least one of the following qualities: compassion, comfort, patience, personality and bedside manner.

Similarly, studies show that a good bedside manner has a considerable impact on patient health. With a growing focus on patient-centered care, healthcare providers must prioritize the experience and satisfaction of their patients. 

A good bedside manner can play a crucial role in creating a positive and comforting atmosphere for patients, making them feel valued and involved in their own care. It helps build trust and improves overall patient experience and retention.

2. Emotional Support

Patients today can be dealing with high levels of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Whether they are facing a challenging diagnosis or undergoing treatment, emotional support is vital. 

Healthcare professionals with excellent bedside manner can provide the necessary empathy and compassion to ease their patients’ emotional burden.  This helps in fostering a sense of comfort and understanding.

3. Enhanced Communication

Effective communication is essential for ensuring that patients feel informed, understood, and involved in their healthcare decisions. When demonstrating a good bedside manner, this can  play a significant role in clear and open communication between healthcare providers and patients. 

This helps healthcare professionals explain complex medical information in a way that patients can understand, while also encouraging patients to ask questions and share their concerns.

4. Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful doctor-patient relationship. A healthcare professional with good bedside manner can establish trust by actively listening, demonstrating empathy, and showing genuine care for their patients’ well-being. 

Patients are more likely to follow through with treatment plans and advice from a trusted provider.

5. Patient Satisfaction and Compliance

A positive bedside manner can also improve patient compliance with treatment plans, medication regimens, and follow-up appointments. Patients who feel heard, respected and supported are more likely to actively participate in their own care, leading to better outcomes.

6. Stress Reduction

A visit to the doctor or a hospital can be stressful for patients and their families. A healthcare provider with pleasing bedside manner can help alleviate some of that stress by creating a calm and comforting environment. 

The ability to empathize and provide emotional support can significantly reduce the anxiety that patients may experience during medical procedures and/or consultations.

7. Physician Well-Being

A good bedside manner is not only beneficial to patients but it also contributes to the well-being of healthcare providers. A positive doctor-patient relationship and the ability to provide compassionate care can enhance job satisfaction for healthcare professionals. 

It reminds them of the importance and impact of their work, leading to a more fulfilling career in the medical field.

8. Getting Patients Acquainted with Medical Devices

 Over the years, medical technology has made leaps and bounds, and continues to improve every day. For facilities that use advance medical equipment (like ours), it may be strange for patients to undergo care they aren’t familiar with.  

In these situations, it’s vital for their trusted healthcare professional to have empathy and clearly communicate the use of the technologies when necessary. 

Luckily, our CPR devices are easy to use and explain, providing patient ease of mind.  They also give physicians the ability to focus on other aspects of the resuscitation effort. Additionally, they work for patients of all ages and sizes.

Our CPR machines have contributed to helping people all over the country (and other countries), and we’re honored that these users have shared their stories with us. 

Hearing these stories drives our confidence that our devices work in a variety of healthcare situations, and contribute to saving lives.

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