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Michigan Instruments’ PneuView software is designed with your needs in mind, based on insight from our customers, educators, technicians, and engineers around the world.

This PC-based software interfaces with our Lung Simulators, and accurately provides numeric and graphical display of ventilation parameters in real time. Additionally, it allows you to save and export data for later review and analysis.

These traits and more also make PneuView a great tool for remote learning. Keep reading to learn how.

1.   Real Time Displays

Volume, pressure and flow values and waveforms are displayed in real time. This makes it easy for educators to share their PneuView screen with students during remote learning sessions and explain each piece of data directly.

2.   Record and Playback Function

The PV3 software has a record and playback function. This way, you can run different scenarios and record them ahead of time to be played back during a remote learning session.

3.   All Information Displayed on One Screen

Some educators opt for the non-instrumented (non-PV3) versions of our devices, since many modern day ventilators are capable of displaying similar information and waveforms.

However, having this information on your computer instead, and all on one screen, easily facilitates sharing with remote learners!

4.   Easy to Learn and Use

With remote learning opportunities comes a sense of responsibility to learn and understand new teaching platforms and systems. PneuView is a valuable tool and is easy to learn and use.

It’s user-friendly for both educators and students, and informational while not being too complicated.

5.   We’re Here to Help

We have resources available to help guide the use of our PneuView software, so you can get the most out of your experience.

One of our resources is our YouTube channel. There are several videos available that  are valuable for understanding how PneuView works and taking advantage of all its benefits.

Additionally, our FAQ page contains a wealth of information about PneuView. It provides concise and easily accessible information that helps our customers find answers quickly, enhancing understanding and engagement of all of our products.

Finally, our tech support team is always happy to help with PneuView!

Learn More About Using PneuView to Facilitate Remote Learning

In the age of remote learning opportunities, discovering new helpful tools and devices can be the perfect solution for advanced education.

Using our PneuView software is a fantastic way to provide quality education alongside our lung devices. Contact us today to learn more!