ventilator testing and calibration with michigan instruments lung simulators

When it comes to evaluating ventilator performance, a lung simulator is an invaluable resource. The testing of a ventilator should take place before it’s ever used on patients in a clinical environment. Periodic testing is also needed to ensure that the unit is performing in accordance with established standards as well as the manufacturer’s specifications.

Based on the standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Michigan Instruments Test Lung Simulators are an ideal testing option. Our devices meet or exceed ventilator performance standard requirements.

Standards References: ANSI Z79.7, ISO 80601-2-12, ISO 80601-2-13, ASTM F 1100-90

So what exactly are the TTL or Training & Test Lungs as we call them? They are one-of-a-kind lung simulation devices that use elastomer lung compartments to accurately reflect lung capacity in typical infants and adults. They simulate the mechanics of the human pulmonary system from the upper airway through the lungs in a realistic and repeatable way. You can easily alter lung compliance and airway resistance to simulate a variety of healthy and diseased lung conditions.

What to Expect From Our Lung Simulators

Lung simulators by Michigan Instruments feature built-in volume scales and pressure gauges to offer real-time feedback. They contain a number of ports to make monitoring, sampling, or introducing gas or agents easy during the testing process. To view, record, and replay data, you can add our PneuView electronics and software.

Our lung simulators are designed to meet a variety of needs. We offer adult and infant versions in single-lung and dual-long models. Time after time, manufacturers depend on them for versatility, durability, and most importantly, accuracy.

In addition to routine testing, lung simulators can be used to troubleshoot equipment problems or simulate unusual scenarios. They also make it convenient to quickly train staff on new respiratory devices and procedures. The dual lung TTL units can be used to simulate spontaneously breathing patients, which makes it a useful tool for evaluation and training on  supportive and non-invasive technologies. Additional information about applications and instructional videos are available online.

Coronavirus and Lung Simulators

As many ventilator manufacturers ramp up production and other manufacturers begin to produce ventilators, our test lung simulators can be particularly beneficial for testing these devices. There are studies in progress that show in patients with the most severe cases of COVID-19, a ventilator may allow for the best chance of survival. Our lung simulators can ensure that new and existing ventilators and ventilation equipment are tested and ready for use on patients.

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